What To Do With CBD Trim and Shake

What To Do With CBD Trim and Shake

CBD “trim” or “shake” both refer to the small pieces of the hemp flower that fall off the main bud. This is inevitable, as hemp flowers are trimmed, handled, and transported but should not be mistaken for useless leftovers. We’ve gathered the trim and shake for convenience, now let us teach you what to do with CBD trim and shake once it’s in your possession.

Edible CBD

CBD trim and shake are great for infusing your recipes with the benefits of CBD. Unless you buy CBD flower shake already prepared, you just need to grind up the shake, remove any stems, and then infuse it into any oil or cannabutter. This oil or cannabutter is then ready to be made into pastries like brownies or muffins and, with some experimentation, you may be able to use it in a wide variety of recipes.

Smokable CBD

As CBD is most commonly associated with marijuana, you’ll likely not be surprised that CBD trim can be smoked. CBD trim won’t get you high like marijuana, so you don’t have to worry about that; however, you shouldn’t smoke CBD trim on its own or you’re in for a rough experience. Instead, use it to fill in the gaps of the smokable dry herbs. Alternatively, if you vape, you can grind the trim into a fine powder and add it to your vaporizer to great effect.

Topical CBD

Maybe you don’t really want to go through the hassle of cooking or smoking CBD shake. Instead, what you can do with CBD trike and shake is make them into CBD-infused topicals, balms, and salves, such as beeswax with CBD oil made from grinding up the shake. These topicals allow you to apply the CBD directly to parts of your body for a more focused effect and are great for pain relief.

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