The Basics of How To Use CBD Dab Wax

The Basics of How To Use CBD Dab Wax

There’s plenty of options for consuming CBD these days, including using concentrates such as CBD wax. For beginners, using CBD dab wax  and cbd concentrate might seem like a daunting way to ingest CBD compared to more straightforward methods such as using edibles and capsules. However, using CBD wax isn’t as confusing as it may seem. Follow this guide to learn the basics of how to use CBD dabs wax like a pro.  

What Is CBD Dab Wax? 

Before we jump into how to use full spectrum CBD dabs wax, let’s first discuss what it is. Dab wax is one of the many forms of CBD concentrates that comes from the hemp flower. A few other forms include oil dab, which is viscous and more liquid than other forms, and shatter, which is a hard-texture concentrate. CBD dabs are the middle ground between these two products. It’s not as vicious as oil dab, but it isn’t as hard as shatter. This sticky wax is easy to use for dabbing, and, like most concentrates, it has high volumes of  broad spectrum CBD, making it extremely effective.  

Why Use CBD Wax and CBD concentrates? 

If dabbing CBD already sounds like a complicated option, you may be wondering why you should consider using CBD wax and CBD Concentrate. Dabbing has a plethora of benefits over other types of CBD ingestion methods that make it worth your while. Dabbing still provides the same benefits as other CBD options, such as pain and stress relief, but it works more efficiently. As we previously mentioned, wax has a high volume of CBD. This means you’ll feel the effects even when you use less product. The high concentration of resin also means there are fewer extra ingredients, such as the flavors that may be present in vape products, making wax a purer choice. 

Dabbing is also one of the quickest ways to reap the benefits of broad spectrum CBD because it’s a very bioavailable method. This means you can feel the broad spectrum CBD’s effects within minutes, as the CBD enters the bloodstream much more quickly than with other forms of CBD, such as edibles. 

CBD Dabs Pens vs. Dab Rigs 

CBD Dabs pen and dabbing rigs are the two most common ways to dab CBD wax. Dab pens are portable dabbing tools that look like vape pens. They contain batteries and coils that heat up at the touch of a button. A CBD dabs rig is a more traditional way to dab wax concentrate. There are quite a few different types of dab rigs on the market, but they all follow the same basic principles. CBD Dabs rig consists of glass pipes that look like bongs or water pipes. They have mouthpieces, bases, and areas where you would generally put a bowl if you were using it for other purposes. Instead of bowls, however, dab rigs have nails that serve as the heating elements.  

How To Use a Dab Pen 

Dab pens are some of the simplest ways to use CBD wax. With a dab pen, you apply your CBD wax directly to the coil. Then, you use the button to heat your coil whenever you want to take a dab or inhale. 

How To Use a Dabbing Rig 

As we previously mentioned, every dab rig is different, but you can follow a few simple steps to dab CBD wax. Here’s what you should know to get started: 

1. Break off a Portion of CBD Wax 

The first step in dabbing is to break off a piece of wax of a size you’re comfortable using. Depending on your tolerance and your experience level, the size of the piece you break off will vary. If you’re new to CBD, try starting with a smaller size first. Simply insert a dab tool into your container of wax and break off a small piece that fits on the tip of the tool. 

2. Apply Your CBD Wax to Your Dab Rig’s Heat Source 

The next step in using your dab rig is crucial to dabbing correctly. You’ll need to bring your CBD wax into contact with the heat source in your dabber. If you’re using a traditional dab rig, you’ll need to lightly touch your rig’s heated nail with a butane torch. Using the torching method, heat the rig’s nail until it’s glowing red and then let it cool before adding the CBD wax with the dabbing tool.  

The amount of time you need to wait to dab the CBD depends on the thickness and material of your nail. The best temperature for dabbing CBD is around 320 to 356° F, as higher temperatures will destroy any terpenes that are present in the concentrate. Generally, heating the nail takes 20 seconds and cooling takes 60 seconds. 

3. Inhale Deeply 

As the heating element in your CBD dabs rig vaporizes your wax, slowly inhale, and then exhale the vapor. Rotate the nail as you inhale so that you don’t waste any of your CBD concentrate, and don’t go too quickly—the rig’s size affects how much the vapor cools before it hits your lungs. You don’t want to inhale the vapor while it’s too hot because you could hurt your lungs. ‍ 

4. Make Sure To Cool the Heating Element 

After you exhale your CBD vapor, make sure your heating element has cooled sufficiently. If you’re using an e-nail, you’ll need to turn off the nail or unplug it from the wall. Traditional nails will cool on their own over time, and the coils in dab pens cool almost instantly. 

5. Clean Your Rig 

Once the rig is cool, clean the nail to remove all leftover residue. Wipe the inside of the nail with a cotton swab to clean all the hard-to-reach spaces. You can also dip the cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and rub it along the nail’s interior for a deeper clean. 

CBD dab wax has all the benefits of other CBD products, with quicker-onset effects and higher concentrations. This guide to the basics of how to use CBD dab wax will set you on the right path for all your dabbing and wax needs.

The Basics of How To Use CBD Dab Wax
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